Smooth Travel

Smooth Travel

You’ve planned, you’ve packed, and you’ve paid! Now it’s time for your much anticipated vacation. But don’t forget that trying new foods, being in new places at off-schedule times, and bouncing around in planes, trains and automobiles can cause havoc in your stomach and lead to digestive distress.

Dr. Natalie Engelbart, medical director of Alternative Health Solutions, says that, “Around 10 million people a year experience digestive distress while on vacation that can include nausea, vomiting, abdominal cramping, bloating and fever. According to the CDC, it is the most common illness travelers suffer and can ruin a well-earned vacation!”

Dr. Engelbart recommends packing a high-quality probiotics as part of your vacation preparation. “We spend so much time coordinating the details of our vacations that we often overlook planning for the prevention of any illness. And you can do this by taking a high quality probiotic like Dr. Ohhira’s a week before you leave and continuing to take them throughout your trip. Research has shown that probiotics can help boost your immunity, prevent traveler’s diarrhea caused by food-borne bacteria and lessen the symptoms of other digestive issues.

“Travelers do not realize that 80 percent of gastrointestinal illnesses are caused by a bacterial infection and can often be avoided with proper supplements. Environmental stress and traveler’s bugs can lower the number of friendly bacteria, disrupting the balance and causing digestive distress.

Probiotics provide a myriad of benefits to the body while replenishing the friendly bacteria in the digestive tract. Important to the traveler, they enhance immune function, improve digestion, reduce instances of traveler’s diarrhea and inhibit food poisoning. And what makes . Ohhira's Probiotics® perfect for traveling is that they are in blister packs and never need to be refrigerated so you can throw them in your suitcase, purse or even a shirt pocket and go.

"I recommend taking 4 to 6 a day a week before the trip then 2 to 3 a day during vacation and pack extra in case you do have any stomach issues."

Everyone can benefit by taking probiotics on a daily basis but especially when traveling. Still, it doesn't mean you can eat or drink whatever you want and not get sick. Taking the usual precautions while travelling continues to be the best preventive measure.
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