The Fab 5 for Allergy Relief

The Fab 5 for Allergy Relief

Rather than reaching for antihistamines, whose side effects range from drowsiness and upset stomach to dizziness and blurred vision, opt for safer and effective alternatives that alleviate symptoms and normalize immune function naturally.

Top Picks for Allergies:

1. Vitamin C. This vitamin may be on your radar during cold and flu season, but it’s an all-around rock star for the immune system at any time of the year. Along with vitamin E, which also enhances immune response, vitamin C has potent anti-inflammatory benefits. It helps protect the body from allergy attacks and moderates the inflammatory response.

2. Quercetin. This flavonoid increases immunity and decreases reactions to certain pollens. It helps prevent the release of histamine and may be particularly helpful for eye-related symptoms of hay fever. Combine quercetin with a bromelain supplement to enhance absorption, and even bromelain on its own will help reduce inflammation.

3. Probiotics. In a recent study, children with a history of allergies and hay fever symptoms were given a probiotic supplement daily for 12 weeks. Results indicate that probiotics reduced allergy symptoms as well as allergy medications. Another study shows that eating yogurt, which naturally contains friendly bacteria, every day significantly reduced the incidence of hay fever attacks, especially those triggered by grass pollens.

4. Omega-3s. These healthy fats are found primarily in fish oil. They are the building blocks of anti-inflammatory compounds in the body and help to regulate inflammation, which is essential for anyone suffering from allergic rhinitis. Most Americans are deficient in this important fatty acid. Look for a supplement containing at least 1,000 mg EPA plus DHA.

5. A high-quality multi. A multivitamin and mineral formula is beneficial for overall wellness and crucial during allergy season. A multi will contain a variety of nutrients necessary for proper immune function, such as the B vitamins, A, D, E, and zinc. B vitamins help ward off allergy attacks and relieve respiratory symptoms such as wheezing. Zinc is needed for proper immune function—it’s necessary for maintaining adequate vitamin E levels in the blood and aids in the absorption of vitamin A, vitamins required for proper immune function.

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